Scholarship Application

Please read the eligibility requirements before you fill out the application form to apply.

Our Judging Panel

A judging panel from will be responsible for evaluating the entries based on the following considerations/criteria in their essay:

1) Demonstrate a passion for their chosen field of study.
2) How she/he plans to positively contribute to the cyber community?
3) Explain the importance of your major in today’s society.

Eligibility & Application Information

  1. Must be a Canadian or American citizen and/or resident, a Permanent Resident, or a Protected Person.
  2. Applicants must be newly admitted to a criminal justice, law or computer science, or be a student in good standing in the program (i.e., not on academic probation).
  3. Must provide a copy of their letter of acceptance.
  4. Applicants must demonstrate why they have chosen this field and briefly explain how she/he plans to make a difference in the online community. For instance, prevention of cyber-bullying or fraud.

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